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Parent Coaching

I now offer 1:1 coaching!

Recommended for parents of children birth-10 years of age.
~We meet virtually or over the phone 
~Discuss development, sensory needs, feeding, and other concerns/questions
~Develop a plan and activities to address concerns


What exactly is Parent Coaching?
Do you have concerns regarding your child’s development? Maybe your gut tells you something seems off? You discussed with the pediatrician and they said “keep doing what you’re doing” and you are not seeing improvement.

You are a homeschool family and need some new ideas regarding development, handwriting, motor skills, or sensory processing? Let’s chat.

Building a sensory room and not sure where to start? It’s not just about putting in sensory equipment! It’s about understanding what the sensory needs could be and how to address the needs. 

Not sure who can help or where to go for help? I can help guide you!

Why me?
I am a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in development, feeding, motor skills, sensory processing, and more. I have worked with various children of all abilities and diagnoses. I have worked in various settings including; public and private schools, Early Intervention, outpatient, and acute care for adults.


Let’s talk and discuss your concerns. We will develop ideas to address your concerns. There might even be another professional or place that can help, we will discuss that too!
We meet when you need someone to
help and support you and your child’s journey of growth.


When agreeing to coaching services you understand that coaching does not substitute medical advice, OT evaluation, or direct services. I do not provide direct services or guidance.
I am here as a coach. To help you understand and guide you as a parent. Coaching sessions are for educational purposes and not direct guidance. I cannot diagnose medical conditions. I do not provide occupational therapy evaluations. This is not a substitute for direct services. Exact times of sessions are approximate depending on the needs and discussion.

Once a session is purchased there are no refunds. 

I do not accept insurance as this service is not medically necessary and considered coaching not a direct services. 

Cancellations fees and policies can be found under the Policy Page. 

Initial Coaching Session

The first coaching session will take 60 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on your concerns. After meeting, I will develop list of suggestions and ideas to address your concerns.


The initial session is $150.00


Coaching Session

Follow up coaching sessions can be either 30 or 60 minutes long to adjust suggestions or address any other questions.



$50.00 for 30 minutes

$95.00 for 60 minutes


Coaching Package

3 Session Coaching Package

Includes initial coaching session (60 minutes) and 2 follow up coaching sessions (45-60 minutes).

Must be completed in 2 months from initial session 




Monthly Coaching 

Includes initial session (60 minutes) and 3 follow up sessions (45-60 minutes)

Must be completed within 3 months of initial session 

This can be combined for more than one month



Get in Touch

Contact me today for scheduling or more information

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